Closed Thursdays



Family Practice Schedule

8:00-10:00 am  & 3:30-5:30pm

will be left open for acute care walk-ins. 


will be available for scheduled appointments & same day called appointments.

Chiropractic Schedule 


Scheduled appointments preferred

Walk-Ins Welcome at all times, but during the scheduled timeframe, those scheduled patients will be seen first at their appointed time. 

Prices:  Most visits $65 

Physicals: $65, $75, $85 

​     (age & health status dependent)

School Physicals:  $25

Extra: (reduced) lab fees, medication injections, IV fluids and medications

The Cashed Based Clinic

1: First:  ANYONE can be seen at The Remedy; including Commercial insured, Non-insured, Medicare, and Medicaid. There are just some rules to follow. Everyone will be billed and pay at the time of services.

2: An invoice will be generated with your diagnosis code and the amount you paid. This acts as a receipt and documentation you can turn into your insurance company. In most cases, the insurance company will apply towards your deductible. 

3: Medicare and Medicaid patient are the exceptions. They are not allowed to turn into insurance. BUT...No worries, the only part of the visit you will be charged is a minimal office fee.  Medications, Radiology testing and Laboratory testing can be ordered and billed to Medicare and Medicaid by the Pharmacies and outside testing facilities. NOTE: The rules are ALWAYS changing. Will try to keep you updated. 

4: Medications, Radiology and Laboratory testing can be ordered and covered by commercial insurance coverage as well when ordered and performed outside of the facility. 

***This model allows us to provide services for lower costs than the traditional model as the traditional model/system creates a need for much greater overhead in employees and supplies***

Your Health. Your Choice. Your Remedy.