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The Cashed Based Clinic

1: First:  ANYONE can be seen at The Remedy; including Commercial insured, Non-insured, Medicare, and Medicaid. There are just some rules to follow. Everyone will be billed and pay at the time of services.

2: An invoice will be generated with your diagnosis code and the amount you paid. This acts as a receipt and documentation you can turn into your insurance company. In most cases, the insurance company will apply towards your deductible. 

3: Medicare (see below for an exception) and Medicaid patient's are the exceptions. They are not allowed to turn into insurance. BUT...No worries, the only part of the visit you will be charged is a minimal office fee.  Medications, Radiology testing and Laboratory testing can be ordered and billed to Medicare and Medicaid by the Pharmacies and outside testing facilities. NOTE: The rules are ALWAYS changing. Will try to keep you updated.

4: Medications, Radiology and Laboratory testing can be ordered and covered by commercial insurance coverage as well when ordered and performed outside of the facility. 

***This model allows us to provide services for lower costs than the traditional model as the traditional model/system creates a need for much greater overhead in employees and supplies***

Dr. Fletcher CANNOT see Medicare patient's at this time. As a federal program Medicare is required to be accepted as an insurance by anyone not FEDERALLY viewed as a physician. The problem with this is Chiropractors have not been accepted as federal physicians yet and he is unable to opt out as Kristen Rickertsen APRN has. What this means is if Dr. Fletcher were to start seeing medicare patient's he would have to break down his fee schedule into individual parts rather than a one fee for everything he knows how to do.

This makes his care unaffordable for his uninsured patients. As of now he only charges $65 for everything, but if he had to break everything down for medicare patients he cannot charge any differently for everyone else. This then up charges every patient for every individual service that he would provide. So $65 turns really quickly into $150-250, a price that though it is great for the pocketbook is not fair to the average patient. So to provide affordable care to those who cannot afford it he has opted to not see medicare patient's at this time.

We are currently looking at loopholes for this situation, but have been unsuccessful so far.




Thurs: 7:30-1pm

​Closed Fri-Sun

Closed 1:30-2:30 Lunch

Family Practice Schedule

We are pleased to offer same-day appointments for your convenience. While walk-ins are welcome, availability may be limited, and we recommend calling ahead to secure your spot and minimize wait times. Your prompt attention and care are our utmost priority.

Chiropractic Schedule 

9:00am-6pm: MON-WED

8:00am-1PM: THU

Scheduled appointments preferred

We gladly welcome walk-ins, and while scheduled patients will be prioritized during their appointed time, we will do our best to accommodate you within the existing schedule. Your convenience and care are our top priorities.


Visits starting @ $65

New Patient's: $85

Physicals: $75, $85, $95 

​     (age & health status dependent)

School Physicals:  $30

Aesthetics: Vary depending on treatment. No consultation fee at this time.

Extra: (reduced) lab fees, medication injections, IV fluids and medications